The benefits of the HR module :


      A secure platform for monitoring all your staff

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      A 360° view of the qualifications, certifications and skills of your staff

      An average time saving of 20% for the management of re-qualifications and training

      What the Human Resources module offers: 

      • Individual identification of your staff
      • Creation of alert for the purposes of validity of qualifications and training
      • Skills management
      • Management of qualifications (caces, permits, etc.) and training
      • The association of your staff with projects or construction sites
      • The combination of equipment in the short or long term

      What the Human Resources module brings you:

      • A global view of qualifications
      • Simplified management of training for all staff
      • The creation of site and/or project teams
      • Real-time availability of your staff
      • Monitoring of employee assignments to each project
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      The olome promise:


      Installation and training in 1 to 3 days

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      Immediate use everywhere and by everyone

      No investment

      They use the Human Resources module every day:

      Do you want to implement SaaS software for your operations ?