Hardware compatible with olome

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        olome - industry made simple !

        We have made sure that our olome solution can work wherever you are and whatever terminal you are using.

        In fact, we are compatible with the majority of Android and iOS mobile devices. Your current hardware can now be compatible with olome at no additional cost and without complicated configuration.

        Schéma de fonctionnement gestion olome

        For purchase or rental, a range of compatible equipment  




        Attractive prices


        Delivery in 24/48 hours

        A few terminals and tablets, one or more printers and labels: that's all you need to use the application.
        We have selected the most suitable references from 3 of the best manufacturers:

        • Samsung , the world leader in mobility
        • Crosscall , representative of French Tech know-how
        • Zebra , the benchmark in industrial label printers

        When purchasing or renting long-term, take advantage of our know-how to guide you on the equipment part!

        Mobile terminals


        Tablette CORE - T4


        Size - 8”
        Resolution - 1920 x 1200
        Storage - 32GB
        RAM - 3GB

        Téléphone Terminal CORE - X4


        Size - 5.45”
        Resolution - 1440 x 720
        Storage - 32GB / 64GB
        RAM - 3 / 4 GB

        Téléphone Terminal CORE - M4


        Size - 4.9”
        Resolution - 960 x 480
        Storage - 32GB
        RAM - 2GB


        Téléphone Samsung - Tab Active 3

        Tab Active 3

        Size - 8”
        Resolution - 1920 x 1200
        Storage - 64GB
        RAM - 4GB

        Téléphone Mobile Samsung - XCover Pro

        XCover Pro

        Size - 6.3”
        Resolution - 2340 x 1080
        Storage - 64GB
        RAM - 4GB

        Téléphone Mobile Samsung - XCover 4S

        XCover 4S

        Size - 5”
        Resolution - 720 x 1280
        Storage - 32GB
        RAM - 3GB


        Tabelette Zebra - ET51

        Tablet ET51

        Size - 8.4”
        Resolution - 2560 x 1600
        Storage - 64GB
        RAM - 4GB

        Téléphone Terminal Zebra - TC51

        Terminal TC57

        Size - 5”
        Resolution - 1280 x 720
        Storage - 16GB
        RAM - 2GB


        We have strong expertise in the vast world of labels.

        Are your components subjected to extreme heat? Do you store your products outside 365 days a year? Do you want to be able to peel and re-stick your labels without worry?

        Contact us to determine together which ones would best suit your business.

        Etiquettes industrielles
        Imprimante Zebra - ZT420

        Model pictured: Zebra ZT420



        The ZD420t, the printer suitable for all types of industries.
        The ZT420, the industrial printer par excellence.
        → these are just two examples among many 

        The entire range of Zebra printers is compatible with the olome application: contact us to refine your needs. 



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