The benefits of the Equipment module:


      Industrial maintenance software in your pocket

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      A 360° vision of your equipment and machines

      Precise management of all your production or construction site equipment

      What the Equipment module offers: 

      • A technical sheet for each piece of equipment
      • A status (rental, in use, awaiting inspection, etc.) of each piece of equipment
      • Association with a project , product, or order
      • Declarative geolocation of equipment
      • Creating catalogs
      • Automated alerts on validity and deadlines
      • Simplified allocation of equipment to people

      What the Equipment module brings you: 

      • Precise visibility into the status of equipment
      • A simple maintenance tool thanks to checklists
      • Better allocation of equipment to construction sites
      • Management of repair, maintenance, and calibration of equipment
      • Monitoring of maintenance interventions
      • Precise geolocation in the factory or in the field
      • Maintenance of industrial equipment
      • IT asset management
      Module Equipements

      The olome promise:


      Installation and training in 1 to 3 days

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      Immediate use everywhere and by everyone

      No investment

      They use the Equipment module every day:

      Do you want to implement SaaS software for your operations?