Customer Share ©️

      The benefits of the Customer Sharing©️ module :


      Saving operational time  for your customers and sales teams

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      An instant update  of all your documents for your clients

      A simple solution to achieve your paperless goals

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      What Customer Sharing©️ offers: 

      • Simplified information sharing for you and your customers
      • Instant mobile access to product specifications for your customers
      • Access to operating procedures, technical sheets and all contractual documentation for your customers
      • Access to product maintenance checklists

      What Customer Sharing©️ brings you: 

      • At your place : 
        • reduction in communication times
        • An improvement in your image 
        • An improvement of your employer brand for your employees and new hires
        • generation of new services and revenues
      • For your customers:
        • A reduction in communication times
        • Autonomy and simplicity of action
        • Instant access without app download
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      The olome promise:


      Installation and training in 1 to 3 days

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      Immediate use everywhere and by everyone

      No investment

      They use the Customer Sharing©️ module every day : 

      AL Industrie

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